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Originally Posted by jcountry View Post
I donít understand per diem for TDY. Does it run continuously-or stop each time you go home?
Check out the following APA Compass Project document on TDY put together put the Compass Project team

JCBA 7.B.2:
Pilots on temporary assignment, special duty, or training shall be reimbursed for meals and incidentals at the below listed rates per hour, commencing with the first trip sequence originating or duty period commencing after the effective date of the rate increase: (prorated to the nearest minute) from the departure time of the trip which takes them to their assignment and continues until the arrival time at their base at the termination of the assignment. In the event a pilot returns to base during the course of a temporary assignment, special duty or training, during scheduled duty-free periods, such time spent at the base shall not be compensable under this provision
So per the JCBA, your per diem will stop any time you travel back to your domicile (not necessarily your home airport). However, from talking to pay comp to put together the document I linked above, they will only stop your per diem if you A12 (doesn't track you for going D2).

And all that said, per diem works out to only $55.20 a day.
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