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Originally Posted by rswitz View Post
Any idea on the current training footprint (I.E Start of ground to start of IOE)
I do believe INDOC is a week, systems is about 2 weeks and FTD/SIM is about 2 weeks as well (depending on sim availability and schedule). Plan on it being about 5-6 weeks before being signed off for IOE.

I don't know how it is currently, but I waited 4 weeks for my IOE to start so plan on having some down time. Keep your head in the books but go and travel too, see some friends/family/whatever. Enjoy the time off while you can.

Originally Posted by rswitz View Post
Also, I live in Denver. Any clue how long to get the DEN base?
Not sure on this one currently, it took me about 7mo to get DEN, but that was over a year ago. You could try for DMA out of DEN, might get that quicker but I would plan on commuting for at least a few months anyway.

Originally Posted by rswitz View Post
And if anyone could shed some light on what training at SkyWest is like, that would be awesome. Good quality program? Pass rate? Etc
SkyWest training is some of the best, you will be prepared and if you feel like you aren't they will do everything they can to help you get there. The instructors are fantastic. Ask questions, take notes and study with your fellow classmates. It's really not that hard, and those that seem to struggle are those who tend to take it not that seriously, as well as some of the older people in class who aren't used to the automation of the airplane. We had a few 55+ guys in my class and while they passed, they needed all the extra help they could get.

Hope this helps! Welcome!
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