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Originally Posted by Stimpy the Kat View Post
In any event...If one had any brains and/or balls, you would immediately cross that Picket Line , get fired, and then retire on the proceeds of a Wrongful Termination lawsuit.
Can't fix STUPID though...
Folks - please check with your own legal counsel before taking action that could get you fired. While there is debate about general no-strike clauses waiving sympathy strikes if the sympathy strike waiver is clear and unambigous and you are part of the union, be careful. The decision to cross a picket line must often be done without much time for review.

Some unions (teamsters) are known for not signing these types of waivers. Don't know the ABX agreement, but freight side this is langauge.

"Section 1. Picket Lines: Sympathetic Action
It shall not be a violation of this Agreement, and it shall not be cause
for discharge, disciplinary action or permanent replacement in the
event an employee refuses to enter upon any property involved in a
primary labor dispute, or refuses to go through or work behind any
primary picket line, including the primary picket line of Unions
party to this Agreement, and including primary picket lines at the
Employer’s places of business."

Notice the difference?
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