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By posting langauage I didn't mean to completely stir the pot (maybe a little...). One can post whatever is in the Atlas, ABX, others contracts as well. IMO the langauage has a certain dress value; another way to say this is "actions speak louder than words".

So regardless of the content, intent, or words in ones agreement, when it comes to this topic the true actions are what happens on the line and in the streets. Atlas, Kalitta, and other have shown their colors and support, ATI also has shown their color (more like a DHL yellow streak).

If call upon again in the future, I give all carriers (including ATI) the chance to do what's right....regardless of their agreement. Most agree that was not the case in the past; something we can not turn the clock back on. Given all the circumstances (well documented on APC) I give those guys another bite at the apple if called upon (talking strike actions only here). I don't see throwing 250 guys away at the actions of 10-20...and that includes their MEC at the time. I know it's high expectations given the contract they have signed.

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