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Originally Posted by NiteStlkr View Post
EXCELLENT POST AND THANKS FOR THE RESEARCH. ONE POINT...My wife is a bit of a health insurance Guru, handling our insurance issues during all times of our lives (ACTIVE DUTY/activations/Guard...etc) One imortant note: CALENDAR years for deductible computations are different. TRICARE is OCT 1 - SEPT 30 and ANTHEM will be JAN 1 - DEC 31. Many folks may meet TRICARE deductibles while under current insurance for the remainder of this year, thus eliminating the need to schedule appointments early. (JUST REMEMBER THE OVERLAP, IT CAN WORK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE)-REMEMBER FILE THE PAPERWORK WITH TRICARE- Providers typically will not file paperwork if a service is covered in full by ANTHEM. On a Memphis note, Baptist Hosp is a TRICARE provider, the addition of Baptist Hospital w/Anthem furthur reduces any out of pocket costs. On a Pharmacy note, Its TRICARE all the way (since the Company plan is no plan)
You are correct sir --- I did discover that important tidbit too, but left it out of my post because I was worried it may already be difficult to follow.

I agree, the non-aligned benefit years is probably a big advantage and it would be even better to schedule your preventative annual physicals at the end of the calendar year (Oct - Dec), have Anthem pay 100% and then file with Tricare anyway to get the "credit" towards your Tricare deductibles.

That way when you drink too much on New Year's Eve and head to the emergency room just past midnight for non-preventative care, Tricare would jump in and pay 80% up until you met your Anthem deductbile limits for the new year.

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