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Absolutely they check it. In fact, when you input info on medxpress the computer automatically flags any discrepancy that obvious although that info may or may not be given to the AME who typically can only access (but not change) the histories on people he personally did the physical on. But both regional flight surgeons and Oklahoma City have access to everything, and will be on the phone to the AME within one business day of you actually signing the paperwork, because that's when the crime is actually committed.

But Troymh, what is your motivation here? HISTORY of taking Prozac is not necessarily disqualifying. Are you intending to simply continue taking it without telling anyone? That too is of course illegal, but if you've stopped NEEDING it and your underlying depression has resolved, simple history of depression is something waiverable assuming you get a proper work up that demonstrates your problems have resolved.

Of course, they catch you lying to them, you are probably screwed for good - and they WILL catch you if you falsely report information they already know about you.
Thank you for the information. It's clear that deception would be crazy. I haven't taken Prozac in years but I have to find a shrink to say I don't need it, then wait 6 months and somehow prove I haven't used it...go figure. They have all my VA records which contain PTSD stuff so I was hoping to avoid it coming up again. Think I'll keep my feet on the ground. Guess I've flown and seen enough. Thanks again.
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