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Originally Posted by BtownPilot View Post
It was suppose to be 18 months as their post said. after turning down 4 other jobs and spending the money to move for the job, they slapped a 2.5 year contract. I had no choice but to sign because I would be out of a job,...
Yes. You DID have a choice. You could have sued THEM for breach of contract, but you CHOSE to accept the contract revision.

Look, they took advantage of your na´vetÚ, not getting what you believe to have been the original offer signed before you made the move, and that may be reprehensible, but YOU are going to be the one losing big time if they tell future employers you reneged on a contract that you signed.

Unless there is a safety issue involved, either pay off your contract or serve your contractual obligation. Either way, learn from this.
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