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I signed one for two years at my last position, prorated by the year. I kinda laughed at it, thinking I could probably get a new employer to buy it out or the new salary would pay it. I didn’t plan on leaving anyway and I didn’t. Yes, you might get a new employer to buy it out IF they get the benefit, i.e. they need a typed pilot.

Years later, now Chief Pilot, I had a Pilot who signed one for a Global TR. After a year, he wanted to leave, which I understood considering all the factors. Now, about that contract. I pushed tearing it up with the Boss, who while sympathetic, was insisting on payment. I spoke with the new employer and asked for them to pay it. After all, they wanted a typed and experienced pilot and would be paying about half the cost of buying one. No dice there, they weren’t the sharpest managers around, either. I told my guy, here’s a payment deal, sign over the amount owed out of your first year’s bonus and done. Also, in my humblest opinion, you’re making a mistake from what I can see. Deal done, payment made, he can’t stand the job and leaves.

Be careful what what you wish for, you might get it.


BTW: nobody, anywhere is guaranteed an upgrade to PIC—you earn it with ability and professional skills. One of which is integrity.
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