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True story time:

Once upon a time in a galaxy far and far away I flew with a captain who applied and applied and applied across the universe but rarely got an interview and never got hired.
Rumor was this pilot was radioactive.
So I googled the name......:
Top hit was a Facebook page of the individual and second hit was

“Captain Solo vs DeathStar Airlines”......and the lawsuit was lost.

Any HR department across the MilkyWay came across this info about 3 sec after receiving a resume.
This Captain will be stuck till the end of times flying a pirate ship for Scumbag Air.

I served my promised year and got into the escape capsule.
True story.

Times are good now, very good.
When famine comes back around again and airlines can go back to cherry picking this stuff will come back and haunt you.
Trust me I’ve seen it.
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