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I will try to negotiate paying for the type rating thatís for sure. Iím going to see what we can work out thatís the plan. But weíll see what they say. Hopefully they will work with me I also brought them multiple pilots to help them. Hopefully they take that into consideration. Yes it was my choice at the end of the day but had to sign in distress as I turned down multiple offers and spent money to come here thinking itís what they told me and they switched it all when I got here. I would have been couple thousands loss and no job if I didnít agree.

Iím not trying to be that guy that doesnít care and just wants to blow off a contract but what they did was wrong like a bait and switch and I did bring it up at first but they said ďwell thatís what it isĒ type answer.

No thereís not much proof except the posting on their website even 4 months after I was hired their new posting still kept saying 18 months but when people came, 2.5 years.
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