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Originally Posted by NeoPilott View Post
I've been a mechanical engineer for 5 years now and am switching to airlines in a month. If I hate it within a year or two, will simply go back or try CAE instructing/Part 91 etc.

I also learned how to program (mainly Python and financial packages for it such as NumPy and Pandas along with Django for web design) and If I ever feel like going back I will definitely look into IT or financial industry as salaries for most mechanical engineers (and even here in NYC area) suck as compared to people working in IT or finances. The headaches I have to go through on day to day basis are just not worth it. I would rather stare out the window than deal with office BS which gets my heart rate up at 27...
I've often said I really need to learn some programming. I know some basic MATLAB and VBA. IT, especially anything relating to programming is such a valuable skill. Thanks for commenting. Very encouraging to hear from other engineers. Maybe I need to pick up some books on programming and start reading.

Yes, I figure if flying doesn't work out I can probably go back to engineering. Although it does concern me that I won't have any recent experience if I am out of the engineering career for a few years.
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