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Originally Posted by CC268 View Post
I've often said I really need to learn some programming. I know some basic MATLAB and VBA. IT, especially anything relating to programming is such a valuable skill. Thanks for commenting. Very encouraging to hear from other engineers. Maybe I need to pick up some books on programming and start reading.

Yes, I figure if flying doesn't work out I can probably go back to engineering. Although it does concern me that I won't have any recent experience if I am out of the engineering career for a few years.
I've used courses on and effective!

Agree on recency of experience but if you absolutely hate it I'd assume you will hopefully know it in 1-2 years in which case you will probably have no issues finding another engineering job.

I too have a very supportive wife however I am sure I’ll know fairly quickly if the lifestyle will suite me well.

Also, have you looked into ATC options? FAA just had a window opened few days ago.
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