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Originally Posted by Flyhayes View Post
Actually there could be a case here. If the advertised terms were changed and the OP was stuck between a rock and a hard place, it could be argued that the contract was signed under duress. But there better be clear evidence of it, and/or verifiable evidence that others were given better deals.
The regionals which had training contracts had learned to have applicants sign the contract at the time of the job offer. They had found that making them sign the contract on day one of ground school constituted duress because the new-hire had already quit his old job and such contracts were then hard to enforce. This was a situation where everybody knew darn well that there was going to be a training contract and what the terms were, but it wouldn't hold up in court if the employer had no hard evidence to prove that the applicants knew before day one.

That was a loophole. In this case I think it might be legit.

I would say he has a case at least worth discussing with a lawyer if he has docs showing certain conditions were advertised, but more onerous conditions were applied after he had quit his old job.

If that can resolved with a phone call from a lawyer, all good. But again it might be hard on your future employment opportunities if you end up involved in a public record lawsuit. Gotta weigh cost vs. benefit on that...
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