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Originally Posted by 1013dot25hPa
I got this email from ExpressJet this morning after having send them my resume:

"Thank you for your interest in a career with ExpressJet. At this time, we do not have opportunities available that match your experience and skills. However, if a position more closely suited to your background develops, we will be happy to review your qualifications at that time. "

What does that mean? Are they just not hiring or is there some requirement I don't meet?

I just double checked their minimums and they are according to airlinepilotcentral as follows: "Minimums: 600 TT/100 ME; 1000TT/200 ME competitive"

I far exceed those minimums with my 2600TT, ATPL ME, etc

Do they prefer to hire low time guy's only?


I believe ExpressJet has a "partnership agreement" with ATP Flight School. I think it is only those graduates of ATP w/RJ rating that are hired at 600TT/100ME. I believe some of the other guys on this forum may be able to give you more concrete information.

On the other hand, I know how you must have felt opening the letter and knowing that you do meet and exceed the minimums, only to see..."Thank you for your interest.... Whenever I've seen that, I already know what the rest of the letter says.

Have you applied anywhere else? Don't give man! Keep getting your information out there.

Best wishes & blue skies.


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