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I’d think you’re in the clear with PRIA. While a very few companies will send 100 pages of records, most send a computer print out with events, dates and pass/fail.

Originally Posted by bscott58d View Post
Had a rather aggravating issue with scheduling last week. After being pulled from a trip I inquired how our contracts rules for displacement did not apply to my situation. Response was “it’s our policy” when requesting for contract ref that disputed my understanding. While being adamant but not loud or profane I insisted I disagreed and would contact the union to file a grievance. Not necessarily smart to have said that to scheduling I know.
Next day a call from the CP with summary of the call resulted in being told I was arguing for again insisting on an specific point of reference in our contract. 15 mins later I received a email to report to a disciplinary hearing next week.
Question for the group is will something like this end up on my PRIA as reading the online ref says no, but some I’ve talked to say it may.
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