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Originally Posted by AggieFlyer94 View Post
I read some recent posts where folks have mentioned starting training with less than 1500 hours. I have 1200 hours, of which 460 hours is part 121. NOT included in that time is approx. 145 hours full motion sim in the LearJet (CAE Simuflight), nor any ERJ sim time training for XJT.

I have a standing offer with Envoy from my interview in January.

My question is, whats the minimum time needed to enter into training with Envoy?

Thanks all and fly safe!
FAR 61.159 a 6
(6) Not more than 100 hours of the total aeronautical experience requirements of paragraph (a) of this section or 61.160 may be obtained in a full flight simulator or flight training device provided the device represents an airplane and the aeronautical experience was accomplished as part of an approved training course in parts 121, 135, 141, or 142 of this chapter.
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