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Default Average Calendar Day done deal

Fellow pilots:

We are pleased to announce that the enhanced trip and duty rigs will be implemented for the November 2018 contractual month – two months earlier than required by LOA 18-002. These new, industry-leading trip and duty rigs match what is in place at Delta but with the added benefit of a “Sit-Time” Rig, which Delta does not have. Review the table below for a detailed comparison.

What exactly is changing?

“G” Time Rig will now be evaluated on a Calendar Day instead of a Duty Period basis. In addition, the Average Daily Guarantee will increase to 5 hours and 15 minutes (5:15) from the current 5 hours and 10 minutes (5:10).
“E” Time Rig will now guarantee the higher rate of 1 minute for each 1 and a half minutes (1:1.5) on duty between the nighttime hours of 2200 and 0559. Duty during all other hours will continue to pay 1 minute for every 2 minutes (1:2). Duty with a sign-in time after 2200 and which ends after 0359 will receive 1 minute for each 1 and a half minutes (1:1.5) for the entire duty period.
Duty Period Minimum is changed from 3 to 2 hours.
When will these enhanced trip and duty rigs become effective?

Beginning with the contractual month of November 2018, all pairings that originate in November will be constructed with the new trip and duty rigs. In other words, pairings that start on or after November 1, 2018 will be paid based on the new rigs.
All fly-through (carry-in) pairings that originate in the month of October will be constructed and paid based on the current Rigs.
Together, along with the hard work of dedicated colleagues across the airline, we were able to deliver this contractual enhancement earlier than planned thanks to a collaborative effort by the Company and APA.
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