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Default Is use of the Hogan consistent with the ADA?

Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post
Nope. The argument is that the company BELIEVES the person less able because they've scored low on the test. You do not need to be disabled to be covered by the ADA. You are covered if someone you are applying to BELIEVES that you are less able.

And again,if the company doesn't BELIEVE the test results do not discriminate against the less able, why are they testing at all?

Less able doesnít mean someone is disabled. I love sports and generally suck at playing them. Therefore, I am less able to play them well. That doesnít mean Iím disabled.

Youíre conflating lack of ability with legitimate disabilities.

Lastly, youíre barking up the wrong tree. Thousands of people have successfully passed these tests. Given the success of the tests, youíre making a mountain out of a mole hill.
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