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Originally Posted by gearslinger6 View Post
Chopperleo, see you in class on the 5th....I'll be on the triple though.

To piggyback on this thread.... While waiting for the online training login I'd like to get a jumpstart as it sounds like we are about to get busy. Wanted to see if anyone has and would be willing to share:

1. A copy of the contract

2. Limitations and memory items for the 777. I have seen a few things on Quizlet but then again I've seen wrong information on there about my current aircraft.

Feel free to PM me, just want to use my time wisely.

Thanks in advance.
Hey Man. I’m not trying to be a dick. I like your enthusiasm. I want to say that as someone with 3 Boeing types, that you shouldn’t be so ambitious about getting memory items and limitations. You’ll want to have some systems knowledge first, so you can understand what you’re switching or shutting off. Also, Boeing aircraft can very pretty significantly from operator to operator. ANA 777’s can and will have significantly different memory items and limitations than Ethiopian 777’s. Even amongst the same type in a fleet, there will be differences. This is especially true at operators like atlas and omni, that buy used aircraft from all over the world. You’ll get the information you need, once you’re in groundschool. Once you’ve done some systems training, you can put some of this knowledge into context. If you’re blindly memorizing stuff before class, you may get some negative transfer. This happened to one of our classmates who ended up busting an oral. Her primacy told her one thing, brand x told her something else.
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