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Originally Posted by TOMM View Post
That is if you want to receive the benefits of the FDA basing as listed in the LOA, ex. housing allowance. We have people living outside the 100 mile ring, some by quite a bit. There is nothing to stop you living outside that ring. What does FedEx help you with or how much you are on your own I cannot answer when it comes to things like visas, support in finding housing, etc. time Iíll use the quote function....

Yes, to get housing allowance you must be within 100 miles and in same country...

As a fda commuter (which I am) you get 10K seed money, any required visas and I believe you get the storage although I donít use it. You also get the longevity bonus. You can not use tax equalization.

Thatís all I can think of from the top of my head.....Sluggo is a great source of info too!

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