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What he said!

Originally Posted by ipdanno View Post
If you received an email directing you to a disciplinary hearing, you should FIRST call your union representative, and fully brief your rep on the whole story. Then ask your rep how to respond to the email, with the basis being you will only be attending the hearing WITH your union representative present. The rep might take it from there, to find a time both the CP and rep are available. Or might direct you to reply via email or voice to your CP.
Under NO circumstance should you John Wayne it and attend the hearing without your rep. That is the rep's job. I have been told in the hypothetical that often a rep can start with the CP, with you not in the room, and alleviate most minor problems before you even enter. That might be Company/Union specific, but a rep is there to represent and protect you. They should be trained for this.
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