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Originally Posted by scubadiver View Post
Having offers from 3 airlines, GoJet, PSA, and Endeavor, I am faced with a decision that is hard to make not knowing the industry well.

I could drive just over two hours to a PSA base in Charlotte, or I could drive an hour and a half to the GoJet Raleigh domicile, or drive that hour and a half to commute from Raleigh to what I assume will be a LGA or JFK, possibly ATL domicile for Endeavor.

I could also commute from GSO which is an hour drive to commute for Endeavor.

Thoughts? I plan to post this in each airlines respective forum to hopefully get feedback from those pilots.
1. In my opinion, there is great value in avoiding a flying commute. But, if you are driving 2 hours to sit reserve near the airport, that sucks too. What are the callout times for PSA and GOJETS reserve?

If you can actually sit reserve at home and drive to work within the callout time, that is worth quite a bit.

2. Long term quality of life and pay is still important at a regional. 9E wins that one, for now.

What if you get stuck at a regional? Medical issues, DUI, PRIA, Faa violation? All can get you stuck somewhere, so don't assume a regional is just a temporary stepping stone. A regional will most likely be a stepping stone, but can you live with it if it proves to be otherwise?

3. Don't listen to recruiters.

4. PSA is the only one in the bunch with a REAL flow to American. Very important, if you want American or you may not pass a DL DGI interview.

5. If you care about the profession, please research the alter-ego aspect of GOJETS. That airline is a stain on the industry. If you don't care about the profession, just disregard. All the pilots I have met from GOJETS have been cool and extremely professional. It's just a shame the place was started out as a union busting move.
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