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I wouldn't put much if any weight on the "guaranteed interview" Delta has already shown their colors to us on that with the SSP program, they'll have to earn that benefit back. American has so far been a relatively good partner for the career movement deal in comparison though they seem to be getting worried about the pace and wanting to slow down the flow rates to keep captains at their regionals, too. Commuting to reserve anywhere is HORRIFIC!!! it really doesn't matter even at the majors, commuting to reserve is rough though I can say I'll live in base on reserve at EDV over commuting to a lower line holding NYC positon, but that's just me.. others see value in the opposite. We have a compensation that rivals some of the LCC's ( I wouldn't give Frontier the time of day and even Sun Country and Spirit would require living in base) but I also wouldn't give the (pick your name of the month) guaranteed interview half a second worth of thought... In today's environment, give your resume a couple standouts and you'll get an interview.
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