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Originally Posted by CowboyPilot79 View Post
Quick question, do you get a letter or anything stating that "you're officially hired with expected pay of ____". We got the CJO earlier this week, completed drug test and background check just waiting on indoc date. Trying to buy a house and mortgage company wants an official letter with that information, tried giving them the CJO letter and they weren't happy with that. From talking to other guys that have gone through recently they don't remember anything to that effect. Has anyone else had to deal with this?
Be prepared to fill out lots of paperwork! I bought my house around 2013 and the income verification is very extensive. They pull up all kinds of info on you (cc history, bank balances, kid you beat up at school etc.)

To answer your question, your CJO won't do. If you find a (shady) place that takes your CJO it will get shot down by the underwriters. Lots of places got burned in 2008.

Rent if you have to.
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