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Originally Posted by DashAviator View Post

Eugene is quite do-able, we have numerous pilots and flight attendants commuting out of there. The best option is to drive. Your best bet for a base would be Portland or Medford. You could easily get either as a new-hire.

I expect you'd have to do a few months of reserve, so plan on having a crash pad until you can hold a regular line (or long-call reserve). Long-call would be a great deal for a junior guy that commutes, as you get 12 hours to report for duty. Portland traffic is a pain in the backside, so early morning OR early afternoon shows would be preferable.
Ok, that does make sense. I imagine there may even be some EUG overnights as a possibility now and then? Perhaps EUG wouldn't be too bad. Obviously living in base is preferred but you have to do what you have to do.

Thanks for the suggestion Dash
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