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I have several friends that make the drive to PDX, it is much preferred over trying to make the short flight. several ppl i know spent one or two months in Medford before getting PDX. Long call would be ideal. Cant say how common a true 2 hr call out is but it would only be make-able during mid morning to mid afternoon, and then in the evening after say 630. I had a buddy who would drive to Albany and spend half a day there with buddies. Maybe find a friend or family member in Salem or Portland to hang with for a few days while on reserve. Or chance it from home.
More good suggestions. I do have some family and friends up there. I'm already feeling more at ease about the idea.

If I remember correctly the Q is the only type in PDX but that's actually what I want to fly anyway. I've been flying corporate jets for a long time and I'm looking for a change and challenge. Well, the change was forced upon me with a layoff but change is good sometimes.
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