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Default Atsg incompetence

A letter from JH TO abx capt

, your letter to John Maloney was forwarded to me

That said, I must say that you clearly have some very strong opinions about management as individuals and the thought processes we employ in running the company. Would you care to share with me the basis for these?

I have been with this company coming up on 38 years next month. During that time we have faced many challenges where key decisions had to be made and I can assure you that never once was the basis for those decisions borne of "hatred for the pilots". Were some of those decisions unpopular with the pilots, certainly. But my job isn't to run a popularity contest, it is to make sure that any decision we make takes into account all of our constituencies, shareholders, ALL employees and the community as well.

You ask John many questions about what he is doing or can do to bring ABX back. I would ask you the same question.

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