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ďYou ask John many questions about what he is doing or can do to bring ABX back. I would ask you the same question.Ē
Well, letís start with getting rid of Soaper.
-Failed at Comair and Southern
-threatens to furlough and then wants to blame the pilots for their inability to staff the airline
-surrounds himself with a no-talent management team lacking any leadership skills causing any talented people to leave...and I donít mean pilots
-says ďit doesnít matter if ABX succeeds or fails, I still get paidĒ and then in the next breath says they need more productivity out of the pilot contract-Yes, thatís a good approach.
-finally, said fixing maintenance is his priority...OMG, itís never been this bad in my 25 years with this company.

So letís start by holding Soaper accountable for his failure to accomplish any positive operational changes
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