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Originally Posted by gojo View Post
Iím not attacking your character. Iím saying your posts speak volumes of your character. I didnít name specifics. But I suppose it warranted the personal attack regarding me wearing my emotions on my sleeve in this forum? And yes, we are all adults. And we are both flying Delta passengers. If I interpret this correctly Iíll be stuck in the back on an Endeavor flight on a deadhead while Delta Mainline is in first class deadheading? Iím pretty sure that youíd be emotional about it too

My character is just fine. You simply canít handle the change and are lashing out at the easiest target.

Also noticing that someone is wearing their emotions on their sleeve isnít a personal attack. Youíve already admitted youíre emotional about this.

Lastly, Iím tired of getting ****ed off at stuff in this profession. Some things just donít make sense and arenít fair so Iíve learned to move on quickly.
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