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Originally Posted by gojo View Post
I can handle the change just fine. Thanks for that asinine assumption. Iíll have to. And since when is discussing something one is emotional about wrong? Are you incapable of trying to see this or discuss this from our point of view? Yes your post was blunt. And I feel insensitive.

I didnít say being emotional about this was right or wrong. I was pointing out you are emotional which is within your right. I didnít like it when you claimed something bad about my character was showing through my posts. Thatís what got this whole ball of wax rolling.

Iíve been talking to 9E friends about this not on this forum. They arenít happy about it either but they realize thereís nothing that can be done at the moment. I would hope your ALPA will push back on this. Thatís how these things work. A big change comes, pilots get ticked off, then ALPA goes to work. Hopefully, their work bears fruit for you.

If thatís what you wanted to hear first, well, Iím sorry. However, itís better for you not to assume I was the big, bad mainline pilot coming to burn your house down and gloat.
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