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Default Becoming a Fedex Pilot

Hello, I am a brand new first officer working for a regional. 1000 hours total time currently. I have worked for Fedex express for 3.5 years in the past as a delivery driver, so I have an employee number and all that. I know I canít apply till after I have 1000 pic, but are there any other things I can do to better my odds at landing a job with you guys? I didnít have the best grades through college (2.7 gpa). I am currently at one of the flow airlines for american, but I think Iíd enjoy flying for Fedex more than American. And I donít want to wait 8 years to flow.... Basically Iím trying to find out what kinds of things the hiring guys/girls like to see on a resume in order to land a job at FDX. I am sure previously working there is a good thing, but what else can I do to help better my odds? Thank you in advance for any insight and advice.
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