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Originally Posted by WinggedHussars View Post
I too have noticed an instant change I mainline pilot attitudes toward me when I introduce myself as MD11 rather than 145.

It's obviously not a good reason to take a job barring all else, but, it is nice to be seen as a peer instead of a yong punk that works in the part of the business that contributed to your furlough back in 2002.
Just donít tell them how much you get paid cuz youíll notice an even quicker round of laughter..... ACMIs suck ass, they pay ****, they treat their people like ****, and are literally detrimental to your health.. no disrespect to guys that work there. If your young, go to the regionals and get hired by a major. Donít sell yourself short. Donít think that you donít deserve it. You DO deserve it!! Screw what some dude letting you ride in his jumpseat thinks of you. Seriously
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