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Originally Posted by SaltyDog View Post
In present market and retirement rates, today's new hires at FedEx or UPS will be Captain at 10 years if they choose. Don't discount these two contracts additional DCP and DBP compensation which is not insignificant plus higher monthly guarantee hours.
Cant accurately foretell the future at any place though.
My current window is just under 10 years. None of the majors or UPS/FedEx will touch me as I’ve been in the same seat too long and am deemed “untrainable”. Also my GPA from college was less than a 3.0 (double major, drilling with the Guard, well known tough school). So I would have to go somewhere else first to be trained and “prove myself”. By the time I am trained elsewhere, get an interview date, maybe a successful interview, put in the pool, get a class date... I’m down to maybe 8 years. With compressed time the advantages diminish.
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