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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
Ironic or Instant Karma?

A bit of both, it seems.

Far better that karma might return to the bearer, rather than dragging passengers into the crash, though.

Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
Well, not just "aware of", but have "evidence of" that would stand up in court. That can be a pretty tall order at times. Sure, one may know of or have a pretty good idea of certain things going on, but bound by the legal field and rules, you have to "drop and forget" what you can't prove. Anything else is an over-reach and staying up at night over it doesn't do any good. This has been occurring with this operator for years, with multiple pilots. Very simple observation, surveillance, would have garnered ample data.

The FAA has a long history of taking action without a leg to stand on, so lack of "evidence" has never stopped the Administrator's minions before. Evidence only comes into play in the appeal process, after the action has already begun. It is, after all, the airman's first opportunity to defend. It's the nature of administrative law.

In this case, the airman had long operated outside the certificate. Again, these events do not happen in a vacuum, and this certainly wasn't the first time the operator had elected to work off the reservation.

Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
In any case, this is getting plenty of visibility outside of internal FAA. Depends on what newsletters and services you subscribe to.
I don't subscribe to any.
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