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Originally Posted by TalkTurkey View Post
Thanks for that. Someone else noted that the mothership is very frequent in changing plans, as has been portrayed by my ingrate non-fans. But eff it. Sometimes I get bored at the desk--a desk--some desk.
I really think that the people who talk out of turn are in the minority of the readers. I expect most really do enjoy your input and insight.

As far as the plans go, there are so many moving parts that a single area not going to schedule can have a tremendous ripple effect on the rest of the plan (or even seemingly non related plans).

In this case the theme hasn't changed at all, just the method of how to get there and the timeframe. I fully expect this is why there apparently hasn't been much in the way of information from management, because they are honestly trying to be forthright and not make implied promises until they have a fairly certain timeframe. I also agree with previous inputs that announcing aircraft movement too early can make a mess of pilot staffing wherever they are coming from. This is as compared to the old days of Pinnacle when they'd have been breathlessly promising the moon the entire time. I still firmly believe that Endeavor is in a very good position.
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