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Originally Posted by TalkTurkey View Post
Iím just a Turkey that works hard not to become a thanksgiving catch. But hereís a question I have. If Delta doesnít care about the progression of 9E pilots, as some may attest; what stops our MEC from say, reaching out to jetBlue MEC or some other ALPA MEC about moving some pilots out of here? A phone call which leads to a lunch with a few people and see what if anything could be done to help both ALPA groups. Why canít something like that occur? How hard can it be?
Iíd say letís do it. Delta is treating us like the girl (probably young flight attendant) that was in love with you but you never really made it official, you were just playing with her emotions to get your rocks off every couple weeks while pursuing other women. Iíd love to see the look on Baby Bastianís face when he finds out Endeavor is now a UA CPP regional.
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