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Originally Posted by CaptYoda View Post
The FAA allows up to 3 medicines total for non-insulin treatment of diabetes. They also have a list of what meds you can combine. The form that was given in the earlier post will be required for submission for each medical renewal. HbA1C value must be below 9.0 for certification. Yes, do call them every week after submission of the form and related documents if any.
Received an email from the examiner yesterday saying the examination had been submitted. She also made the comment that she was not confident I would be passed. She also attached an email to two FAA personnel saying I had several “problems”. ( only one requires a special issuance). She misspelt my name, had my birthdate wrong as well as my age. She also made incorrect statements regarding tests and past surgical procedures.
I sent an email to the FAA personnel addressed in her email responding to her statements. My question is is it appropriate for the examiner to attach such an email to a medical report? Also, when a condition requires ruling out co-morbitities and those tests eliminate those co-morbidities should they be justification for a failure?
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