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Originally Posted by wiggy15 View Post
I think you may misread that. All the MEC is doing is not letting the company to assign days off for the DGI using SSP language because not all pilots have the DGI so it subserverts seniority. They are negotiating a way to allow the DGI guys the days off in a manner that also gives benefits to nonDGI pilots. This has nothing to do with career progression or progression programs. I could be wrong, but im fairly confident that'd how I read that memo.
Oh okay. I could have sworn that the memo was meant to say that DGI will not get what was written out on the company email regarding their time off for DGI interviews. In other words, halting preferential treatment to DGI candidates that wasn’t necessarily entitled to them; and that it would have to be cleared through a process. Maybe I did misread it then.
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