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IMO the certification agencies should dictate some very fundamental standards for attitude depiction. Otherwise every manufacturer comes up with their own scheme, which they assume to be "better" for whatever reason. I know as fact that in some cases "better" simply means that it doesn't infringe on an existing intellectual property. The problem arises of course when pilots fly an airplane with a different scheme than they are accustomed to... it took me far too long to comfortable transition from one such scheme to another once. It was fine if I thought about it but as soon as I got busy I reverted to "second nature" which of course was the last jet.

You could even have several available schemes, and each pilot chooses the one he wants to use with the flip of a switch. But the same basic options should be available on all glass planes. With glass, it would be software, no new hardware required.

Same for basic GPS/RNAV/FMS menus, that could be standardized (with all the gee-whiz crap hidden away in an optional menu, just in case you wanted to go there).
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