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Originally Posted by Hawker445 View Post
Shesh. Didnít think it was that unpopular, just thought there was some trick that I was missing. I would seriously need some time to adjust my proficiency skills if I were to ever to hand fly an approach in IMC. I feel Like it just screws my instrument confidence and gets me disoriented every time I go back and forth. Iíll probably find something on flight simulator and do some basic turns/unusual attitudes.
Well, I wouldn't take my post as any measure of its general popularity. It's just my opinion, and this is probably the first time I've discussed it with anyone. As far as any "tricks," I'd start by trying to ignore everything at the top of the screen and just flying the airplane symbol and the horizon. After some of time of doing it that way, the motions of all the top of the screen stuff will start taking root in its familiarity (all the time you're ignoring it, you're still passively seeing it with your peripheral vision anyway).
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