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Originally Posted by HercDriver130 View Post
EXACTLY they seem to think their Peers where purple and brown or fly Delta or United jets....get a grip.
The truck driver mentality is exactly why most of the Atlas guys were thinking good riddance when you left our union. If you somehow do not see or believe that ATSG, Atlas/Southern, and Kalitta are not in direct competition with UPS and FedEx, then I think we should all be telling you to get a grip.

Whether you realize it or not, Amazon and DHL are using our airlines to go after UPS and FedEx similar to how Southwest went after domestic market share of American, Delta, and United throughout the 1980s and 1990s. If you still don't believe it, I have a sort facility being built in CVG bigger than FedEx in MEM and UPS in SDF combined to sell you.

The ABX and Atlas/Southern pilots do not find it acceptable to allow management to exploit our cheap labor in order to take away high-paying quality jobs at FedEx and UPS. We will continue to fight for industry standard, not just truck driver standard.
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