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Originally Posted by Big Fred View Post

Does anyone on the forum have experience as a Southern Air FO?
Specifically the 777.

- What is a typical 20 hour rotation like? ( hours per day, flight hours per day, work hours, example; 1 a.m. to 2 pm ,etc.

# You're on the road for the full 20 but that will change 17 in Jan as LOA gets implemented. Flying is the back side of the clock (take off at midnight and land at 2200 (10 to 13 hours away).

- destinations. ( cities " overniting in"), and any free time while there, or are you just too tired ?

# LA, Cincinnati , Leipzig Germany, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Dubai, Inchon, Miami, we are adding JFK. Most stops are 24-36 hrs, some longer and some min rest - it just depends. First half of the trip some folks are into going out, some are loners and just wing it solo. Second half most are tired.

- How many days to recover after 20 days on, when you start your 10 days off?

# For me 2-3 days as I TRY to stay on my home timezone. Your milage may vary.

- Any estimates on upgrade time, health of company, career potential?

# The company is Atlas and you can read lots on here about us. I wound speculate on upgrades as I think its a bit of a moving target depending on choices you make (777/737). If you're asking for my opinion I think it is a transitional airline, cut your teeth and get the experience you need for better pastures. I like the people I fly with and the Southern front office are good to work with. Scheduling can suck at times. I like it here because of the people but this isn't my final airline.

Thank you for any input !

#Hope this helps
Thank you, very helpful feedback !
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