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Originally Posted by Jungle Jim View Post
Be very careful about sim time. As previous poster said, the sim needs to be qualified by the FAA. This is a lot more involved of a process than "well my CFI told me to log it." If you log it, you need to have the sim's serial number as approved by the FAA in your log, and it must be at least a level 6 FTD or full motion sim. Then, on top of that, the sim time must be toward a specific lesson under 141. It's very complicated.

There's one APD with Republic that heavily scrutinizes sim time. If you're saying 141 time counts, you better have a mountain of documentation to back it up. FAA sim quals, lesson plans, etc. If you've got type ratings and claiming sim time, that's a whole heck of a lot easier to legitimize than FTD time in flight school. Don't get caught short on your checkride day. Just food for thought!
Is there a reference I can use by chance?
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