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Default Errors

Seems to me, if you can declare an error, you know where it is located in the contract and should be willing to put that information in your post.

IE, FedEX 4.F.2.a Trip rig should be 1:3.75 (yes, that's correct in the comparison they provided)

The OP put up a product, added source material (proof/evidence) and asked for clarification if something is wrong. If you declare something wrong, you should post your proof/evidence. Then it can be verified (either by them or by other people following the thread).

Not sure if the OP is getting revenue, or just did this to help other pilots out. If it is the latter, seems like people on here that are interested in helping out would be more than happy to provide details of the error. If the former is true, it seems like people would still be happy to point out the specific error.

The post stating that per diem was transposed between FedEX and UPS is a pretty good example. In the document I just downloaded, the per diem for FedEX was correct (from FedEX 5.A.1).

Seems like the author wants to fix things that are identified and can be reasonably verified.

If I had personally put all this together, I would ignore claimed errors that weren't provided with a section. I believe it is justified, because I know that I interpreted the data that I presented. Of course, the transposition error, I would go back and check because it is specific enough as well as being a data entry error...
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