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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Grundt, gumpscheck, johnny knoxville, and Industry Strd have all posted in this thread with the implication that they are authors of the site under discussion. Different identities of the same person; they all seem to attack other posters in the same manner, use similar language, and reference new material put up or defend the source.

It is full of holes, incidentally, and OAI isn't a cargo company. Not all cargo operators are listed.

Which "author" will attack this time?

Appears onmi will be a cargo co! Also hard to say the contracts are wrong. So far don't see any contract paragraphs cited that are wrong. I wonder why? And I wonder why people seem to be so angry over data that is being put out to help pilots decide the best place to work and maybe pressure their union to raise the bar. Must be management worried pilots might actually work together!
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