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Originally Posted by Industry Strnd View Post
So I just crossed checked UPS CBA the rigs list in the cba are what is depicted in the chart, the Perdiem listed in Article 12 is correct in the chart. And the guarantee is corrected in the chart for 12 bid periods. Apears the only mistake is the International override.
The UPS EDW duty rig is 1.5:1, which is not listed on your chart. 12.F.(4)

For Perdiem, you are stopping at the 12.G.(2) charts, without regard for the 12.G.(4) adjustments. Can't necessarily fault you for that as you aren't a UPS pilot, but 2017 rates are on the APC profile for UPS and here are the 2018 rates:

Domestic: $2.60
Europe: $3.45
PacRim: $3.65
International: $3.35

BrownDoubles has addressed the guarantee discrepancy (12.D.1).
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