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Originally Posted by boxguy View Post
To the OP:

I think we all want to use your chart. You've put together lots of data and done a good job organizing it into a readable and usable product.

What I don't understand is your reluctance (and petulance) to adjust incorrect figures. The facts you're asking for are found on this website - look at the airline profiles.

Your responsibility as the creator is to become an expert in knowing where to find the data for each space on the chart. In fact, when I've made similar charts I would note in each chart space where I found the source data. Makes it easy to verify when questions present themselves. I suspect some of your errors are in transposing the data from your collection spot to the chart. Proofread then publish.

Last - Please take criticism in the way it was meant, just to help you get it right. Why would managers want to confuse people on guarantee and pay? It's simply looked up on APC and in each contract. It's easier to obscure the finer points.

I think they guys who made it are on a 17 day trip to Hong Kong and are looking it over to make changes when they get time to. Looks like the fedex and ups column got interchanged for in a few boxes.
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