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Iíd like to think positive about SAI and Atlasí future. And Iím sure Iím just being naive and ignorant. But, doesnít most history show a leapfrog effect on CBAís? Couldnít the SAI and Atlas Mecís, along with the full support of each pilot group go to the negotiating table with a contract similar to purple or brown? Do the pilots not have the upper hand in todayís industry? Isnít there something that can be done to get the company to see that the pilot groups only want a fair, industry leading contract? Itís business right? So when it becomes non-profitable to be a pilot for them you leave to where there is a profit to be made. They would.
If the company is truly dragging their knuckles on negotiations then the pilot groups must take action to force their hand to sign an acceptable contract or pull the plug. $#)+ or get off the pot.
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