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Originally Posted by Otterbox View Post
Since you won’t be commuting, I’d say go to Sun Country. The number pure civilian background folks hired by legacies within their first 5 years of 121 flying is small. Sun is probably the better move long term.
Stay. Upgrade. Build up 121 PIC time.
Delaying upgrade doesn’t help your resume. The majors are more interested in you upgrading vs you flying a 737.

Your looking at general gates on your resume to be more competitive. DL had a two year average civilian new hire qualifications of 7600 TT and 4100 PIC(not 121, just PIC). They also said “highly qualified is 1000 hrs TPIC). Other airlines have mentioned 500, or 1000 hrs TPIC, or 121 PIC, in the past.

I’d prepare two resumes, on a forward looking yearly basis, comparing what your resume would look like if you went to Sun Country vs staying at Skywest. And compare them to when you’d get 3,000 TT, 4,000, 5,000, 7600, as well as 500, 1,000 and 2,000 hrs 121 PIC. As well as when might you have an opportunity to be a CKA? I think the answer would be to stay.

Pay? Ridiculous to look at pay. Getting the best resume to get higher at your final job faster is the ultimate goal. A year added at the end of your career for a young guy is worth over $600,000, and perhaps $700,000, in today’s dollars. Let’s say you’re going to get hired at X hrs total time. Going to Sun Country will delay you reaching X hrs by approx. three months. If that’s the difference in getting hired it just cost you $150,000. So there’s a value to not jumping between jobs unless the new job fills an obvious hole in your resume/career advancement.

You’ll have the opportunity to fly the 737, or A320, for years and years at a major. Don’t chase a ‘big’ jet job unless it fills a hole in your resume or you have lots of squares filled but aren’t getting any traction. Then I’d pursue a new opportunity.

Short answer - You’re trading two years of regional Captain for two years of 737 FO experience on your resume. That is not a resume improvement move. Be patient and make steady advancements towards a competitive resume.

Good luck.

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