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Originally Posted by DC8DRIVER View Post
Atlas and SAI are Teamsters with an EXCO (ALPA has the MEC's). And they work well together.

Pilots ARE leaving: about 200 in the last year alone - more than 10%. Been happening for several years, now.

The problem is the old anti-union contract that was originally forced on us back in the early 2000's. Bad merger language allowed the company to avoid having to sign a new contract - ever - as long as they purchased a new airline, no matter how small, every time the current contract came up for ratification.

I agree. It sucks.

Dealing with the union and the company locking up after we lost two lawsuits. One to be turned back to arbitration on the merger in one case and getting caught on a work action we telegraphed coming despite internal warnings among our own. Not the best leadership. Smells of the Polar/Atlas merger all over again. Should we be surprised?

The EXCO Chair now has extended his stay by getting an extra year and a half payout for his sub-level services past his retirement that he declared himself leader in chief despite 1224 IBT bylaw.

You can look that violation up under section 13 versus his announcements to the membership on Feb 13. *

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